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Mentoring Youth & Teens' Health currently works with a number of DC schools and organizations to bring awareness to mental health in the lives of our youth. 

Wheatley Education Campus


WEC has a fun and safe diverse population. Through MYTH we aim to nurture the students mental health care through mentoring and service opportunities. 

Washington Metropolitan H.S.


Colloborating with WHMS, MYTH seeks to support and prepare students for college and career after high school. The main goal is developing the mental health habits of the students.



MYTH and DMV NSBE Jr. have partnered to encourage students in K-12 to pursue career in STEM  and bring awareness to mental health. They also have a Step Team!

Brookland Middle School


Brookland Middle School is dedicated to providing productive spaces for their students to develop their skills, so that they can eventually become successful college students!

Stuart-Hobson Middle School


The Stuart-Hobson Middle school is known for the comprehensive and rigorous learning environment that they offer to their students! Unique to other schools in their district, the school also offers students with the opportunity to take accelerated math courses in addition to earning high school credit.

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