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How To Get Involved


We will be having postings for Board positions for MYTH. The process is different from the others as the members of staff would be working directly under the board. This is a very committed role for the organization. You will be required to submit your resume, a more descriptive and detail proposal for an event (preferably based on the position which you are applying for) and a final interview. If you would like to inquire about the roles and guideline, please send us an email! ​​​​


A MYTH Mentor is to act as a support system. Mentors should provide advice and guidance; share their experience and expertise as appropriate; and offer encouragement.Pushing your mentees to take risks when it is appropriate and to weigh their decision with the potential consequences.Currently, MYTH mentors are certified in Youth Mental Health First Aid (a certificate training course under the National Mental Health organization).


MYTH Volunteer

​MYTH Volunteers will have the opportunity to work with us on community service events and large events at the middle school. 


People that seek mentorship are much more likely to see academic success! MYTH Mentors are dedicated to their designated Mentees, and their impact can be seen through many aspects of their life. Mentees will have to unique opportunity to receive one-on-one mentoring sessions, group workshops, and participate in community service projects as well.

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