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CEO & Founder

Tah-jai Sharpe


Tah-jai Sharpe, born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, is a recent graduate of Howard University with his Bachelors in Biology & Psychology and Minor in Chemistry and Classical Civilization. He is interested in researching epigenetics and health equity for underserved communities, which inspired him to create this Non-Profit Organization. Tah-jai served as an undergraduate researcher in the Cobb Lab, President of International Pals  and member of the Domestic Violence & Behavioral Health Task Force. He is currently a member of the Global Jamaica Diaspora Youth Council and Forb(es) The Culture Under 30 Scholar. In life and service, he resonates with this quote "Whatever you do, strive to do it so well that no man living and no man dead and no man yet to be born could do it any better.” He strives to be a facilitator for change in our global community. 


Co-School Director

Gigi Franks 


Hello! This is Gigi originally born in Texas but raised in California. I come from a very diverse career background. I moved to Seattle Washington in 2004 where I started my career in real estate and I have spent almost 20 years in the industry and a licensed real estate broker. I have been running my own bookkeeping and tax company since 2009 as well as a social leadership coach for women of color. I spend most of my time volunteering within the community as a Rotary member and on the Seattle Public School committee board. When I am not busy doing that, I am spending time with my daughter, enjoying the great outdoors when the weather permits while furthering my knowledge with learning new things that connect with my soul and life purpose


Co- School Director

Yolandah Bloomfield


Yolandah Bloomfield is a current student at Northern Caribbean University; she is pursuing a MSc in Psychology with an emphasis in Educational Psychology. Yolandah is a Senior Secretary to the Principal at Roger Clarke High School in Balaclava, St. Elizabeth. Yolandah is a native of the extraordinary parish of Manchester. Yolandah is a past student of the Holmwood Technical High School in Christiana and a graduate of the University College of the Caribbean, where she obtained her first degree in Business Administration. She is married with two children, a boy and a girl. Yolandah is passionate about helping people to locate and acquire needed resources to achieve their best selves –as she believes in Accessible Learning. She is a Supervisor/Mentor/Coach/Model for SLTOP (School Leavers Training Opportunity Program) HEART Trainees; she provides training in Administrative duties, customer service, public speaking, basic accounting skills, and Microsoft. 

Yolandah is a presenter at Professional Development Workshops within her organization. She is an Executive Member of the El Instituto de Mandevilla school board, one of the Director for Optimist Caledonia Mandeville Club and a County Representative for Jamaica Association of Secretaries of Secondary Schools – (JASSS).


School/Mentor Liaison

Renae Davis


My name is Renae Davis. In French, Renae means "reborn" or "born again,"  It's a name that expresses one's individual journey of conquering difficulties and growing as a person. In light of that, my first name best describes who I am.  I am a second year student at the University of Technology pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. According to the results of my Myers Briggs Type Personality Indicator Test, my personality type is assertive advocate. Assertive advocates are natural leaders who are zealous in their support of their beliefs and principles. They are self-assured, determined, and driven. I consider myself an effective communicator, positive minded, problem solver, and visionary with a strong work ethic capable of completing any task or responsibility assigned to me. Some of my positive characteristics include my ability to get along with the majority of people I meet, as well as my openness to learn and ability to look for the good in circumstances while not becoming overwhelmed by negativity. I am passionate about sign language and helping others, which is why I am currently volunteering at Roses Valley Primary and Infant School by teaching sign language to the students. I believe that sign language is an important tool for communication and inclusion, and I am excited to share what I know with the students at Roses Valley Primary and Infant School. It's been incredibly rewarding to see their progress and enthusiasm for learning sign language. 


Co-Community Outreach Director

Katlyn Alvarez


Katlyn Alvarez, born and raised in Maryland, is a recent graduate of the Centre International de Formation Eurpeénne with a Masters in Global Studies and European Integration and a certification as a Policy Officer in International Institutions. Also with a Bachelors in Environmental Science and a Masters in International Security, Katlyn is dedicated to working with Non-Profit Organizations to better both local and international communities. After serving with the National Center for Disaster Medicine and Public Health and working with those who provide emergency medicine globally it became clear the necessity for better mental health protocols. To work on her mental health Katlyn loves to travel and exercise. 


Co-Community Outreach Director

Kara Miller 


Kara Miller is a public health professional from Appleton, Wisconsin. She currently works as a social worker for a managed care organization in eastern Wisconsin. Prior to care management, Kara worked as an inpatient human service specialist for those in crisis and experiencing severe and persistent symptoms of addiction and mental illness at a crisis and rehabilitation center in Madison, Wisconsin. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois, where she also received minors in Peace Studies, Social Justice, and Conflict Resolution, as well as Bioethics and Society. She earned her master’s degree in Public Health from University of Wisconsin-Madison where she also received her Certificate in Global Health. Kara is an active advocate for animal welfare and environmental health.  


Programming  Director

Mattew Medrano


Almost 10 years total experience with 9 years in education where revamping existing systems to maximize efficiency and drive progress is a niche of mine. Establishing partnerships and opportunities for students to become STEM leaders and learners is a core part of my "why" in my work. I remain extremely grateful that I have been consistently awarded titles of distinction for my contributions to my schools, my students, and my communities. 

Grant Writer

Marleny J El-Mallalkh



Marleny J El-Mallalkh was born and raised in Austin, Texas, USA where at a young age she discovered her love of people and an unwavering intrigue for the human psyche and experience. After graduating high school El-Mallakh moved to Tuscaloosa Alabama where she attended the University of Alabama and earned her undergraduate degrees in anthropology and psychology and played catcher for the crimson tide softball team. After graduation, El-Mallakh who is a self-proclaimed wanderlust moved to Valencia Spain where she received her Master’s degree in psychology. El-Mallakh then returned to the United States with a plan to achieve her dreams of becoming a psychologist and spreading positivity in the lives of all she met. After many years of pure determination and grit El-Mallakh completed her doctoral program in her home state of Texas at Rice University. El-Mallakh enjoys spending her free time with her family going on adventures, conducting research, volunteering, and advocating on behalf of others.

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