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We envision a climate of mental wellness amongst youth & teens as it is an essential part of one's overall well-being.

Our mission is to provide mentorship, youth empowerment, and guidance to students and to bring awareness to mental health.

Statement from our CEO

Mental health issues oftentimes manifest during ages 12-18 and during this period sparks the most cognitive development in adolescence. It is important for adolescents to build competency in the face of adversity by improving their mental health.


It was for that very reason I founded Mentoring Youth & Teens’ Health in 2017.


I’ve had my experiences traversing from home to

school to everyday activities and interactions. I was that

strong AND that weak friend that sheltered many issues due

to stigma, especially in Jamaica.


It is important to understand that everyone has his/her

issues and everyone deals with them in different ways. In all

aspects of your life, these mental health challenges can

manifest. I saw it fit, not only to give back to my island but also

to the various communities around me.


Now understanding the importance of mental health,

especially in the lives of our youth, I plan to provide the

resources and help I didn’t have or was too scared to seek.


“ For that reason, I aim to defeat the MYTHs of Mental

Health in The Lives of Our Youth”

-T. Sharpe


Our Goals:

Bring awareness to mental health in lives on our serving communities 

Improve academic performance, behavior, habits and positive community of at-risk  youth

Provide these students with developmental programs and STEM, business, communication plans, etc. Combat against juvenile delinquency and dropout rate of at-risk youth in the D.C. area and Jamaica. 

Serve the community.

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