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Mentoring Youth & Teens' Health


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Jana LeBert is a senior psychology major, biology/health education double minor from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She previously served as the Co-Branding Director for the past two years, while mentoring at Wheatley Education Campus. She is currently the President for the Howard Chapter of MYTH Program. After graduation, she plans to pursue a MPH/PhD and work in the behavioral healthcare field. 
Jana believes that Mentorship is one of the most important benefits, especially in underrepresented communities. She hopes to continue this not only through MYTH but through her future career path.



Jonathan Williams is a sophomore biology/psychology double major from Bowie, Maryland. Jonathan has always had a passion for understanding people and giving them a voice, so MYTH was a natural choice for him to grow.

He aspires to continue his path in the future, as he hopes to study neuroscience in graduate school and do research on mechanisms within the brain.


Co-Community Service Chair


Acacia Hines is the co-community service chair for MYTH Howard Chapter for the 2020-2021 school year. Currently, she is a senior Psychology major, Human Development minor, from Southern California. With her degrees, Hines hopes to pursue a career in social work or in child psychology.


Co-Community Service Chair


Darice Upchurch is a rising senior majoring in sports medicine with a minor in chemistry from Marion, Indiana. She has been a part of MYTH since her sophomore year, and served as a mentor through the organization. During the 2020-2021 academic year, she will serve as the Co-Community Service Chair. 




Ayotimofe Idowu is a sophomore biology major chemistry minor from Baltimore, Maryland by way of Lagos, Nigeria. 


She is an aspiring physician-scientist with hopes to one day travel across Nigeria, and eventually Africa, to aide the societies she comes across with the necessary support needed in terms of healthcare. She currently serves as the historian for the MYTH program. She joined the program because she recognizes that every youth needs a confidant and counselor. Likewise, MYTH provides her with an opportunity to offer a climate of overall wellbeing to every individual that she comes across. 

She looks forward to working with the entire executive board and staff of the MYTH program this upcoming year! 




Brielle Loman will be serving as the treasurer in the 2020 session of MYTH. Given her innate passion for mathematics, Loman is currently pursuing a degree in Financing at Howard, in hopes that one day she will open up more non-profit organizations in the future to help those in need. Brielle has many artistic talents, including painting and music, and indulges in these passions in her free time.  She is very excited to be working with MYTH this year as the treasurer.


Co-Programming Chair


Maya Brown is a Junior Biology major, Chemistry and Psychology double minor native to Chesapeake, Virginia. 

Maya is a mentor to students across her campus, a second cohort Karsh STEM Scholar, member of the Title IX Student Committee, and Advocacy Director for CASCADE HU. Maya aspires to earn an MD/PhD in Neuroscience, with which she aims to change lives and medicine with her research. 

Maya is proud to serve as the Co-Programming Chair for MYTH, Howard Chapter. Through MYTH programming, Maya strives to continue advocating for those unheard by providing a safe space for mental health discussion. She hopes to bring more awareness to mental health in the African American community.


Co-Programming Chair


D'Zyre Jones is a rising senior Computer Information Systems Major with a concentration in Cyber Security from Syracuse, New York.


In MYTH, she has been a mentor at Washington Metropolis Highschool, also known as Washington Met., since her sophomore year. She joined MYTH because she wanted to educate our youth on what it actually means to have a mental illness and break the stigma.

In the beginning, Jones had no idea what to expect, but she knew that she was going to change someone's life. She knew this organization was going to be extremely beneficial when she learned that we have to get Youth Mental Health First Aid certified. She believed that this was a pivotal moment for MYTH because "in the black community, we tend to neglect mental health issues among us even though they are eating our loved ones alive. As kids, we can't fully grasp the big picture of life and understand that everyone is fighting a battle unbeknownst to you, but we still cry for consistency; consistent nurture, consistent attention, and consistent support". Back in Syracuse, she lost a lot of friends and cousins because they searched for consistency in places children shouldn't be exposed to at such an early age. Here in D.C. she learned very fast that the city may have changed but the hood still remained.

This year, she will have the opportunity to serve as our co-programming director! D'Zyre can't wait to uplift the Howard Chapter and continue to help educate our peers and mentees on the importance of mental health in the black community.  


Social Media Co-Chair


Sidney Johnson is a Senior Strategic Legal Communications major from Birmingham, Alabama.

She serves as the Co-Social Media Chair and is new to the MYTH Howard Chapter. Sidney has acquired most of her professional training while interning on Capitol Hill for various press and communications teams. On campus, she served as the Public Relations Chair for Spotlight Network and is a dedicated member of the Howard Gospel Choir


Social Media Co-Chair


Tiera Hameed is a Rising senior Nutritional Sciences Major on a Pre-Med track from Cleveland, Ohio. In the 2020 session of MYTH, Howard will serve as the Co-Social Media Chair.

She began her involvement with MYTH as a mentor with the program and was interested in becoming more involved with growing the program. She is very excited about the upcoming year and watching it grow bigger and better! 

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